Mental Disabilities : Struggling With Loss And Grief

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Doka, K. J. Individuals with intellectual disabilities: Struggling with loss and grief. In RESCARE NZ. Retrieved from In his article Dr. Doka addresses the reasons that persons with ID need counseling, and how to better support them during times of grieving. He explains there are several reasons for improved bonding in the disabled community. These include a longer lifespan, and better community activities in group homes. He points out that everyone experiences loss, but an ID person may also be subjected to secondary losses to include a change in residence, friends, and neighbors. The author next delves into grief reactions in disabled individuals. He states that each grief reaction is unique based on the intellectual level of the individual along with the type of relationship said person has with the person lost. These reactions include physical, mental, behavioral, and religious aspects. Explaining that this population may often have their grief “disenfranchised” he goes on to give several examples. One of these examples explains that many feel that disabled individuals are unable to recognize attachment, or have an understanding of grief. In the next section of his article Dr. Doka addresses how to counsel people with intellectual disabilities. He stresses that early intervention, group support, and equal opportunity for involvement are important components of this process. The article wraps up
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