Mental Disability And The Mentally Handicapped

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If you meet a mentally handicapped person you may wonder what they are doing or why they look different, but I will tell you a few answers. Pivalizza and Lalani write that “Intellectual disability (ID) is a neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by deficits in intellectual and adaptive functioning that present before 18 years of age [1]. ID is heterogeneous in etiology and encompasses a broad spectrum of functioning, disability, needs, and strengths.” Mentally handicapped people would fit in the intellectual disability category. There are so many parts of a mentally handicapped person’s life that I do not know about, so I want to know and I want to research about it. For example, What are the mentally handicapped, what are the mentally handicapped people experiencing, and why do we treat the mentally handicapped unequally?
The mentally handicapped have many different problems they deal with, including a disability with the brain or an abnormal neurological development. Author Krucik writes, “There are four levels of ID: mild, moderate, severe, and profound.” Mentally handicapped people have an abnormal neurological development or a disability with their brain. When you meet a mentally handicapped person they might be at a certain level of mentally handicapped. If you meet a mildly mentally handicapped person they might be a little different, but you may not notice. They may look a little abnormal, although not noticeable from a far away distance. If you meet a profound
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