Mental Disorder Case Study

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According to a BBC news article in May, 2014 two girls, Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier, both twelve at the time conspired to kill there 12 year old classmate at a birthday sleepover. They invited each other over and was planning on committing the act that night but waited until the following morning at a nearby park. Where the girl was stabbed 19 times by both of her friends. The girl luckily survived and was found crawling on the ground by a bicyclist. Both girls are being tried as adults for the attempted murder and planning involved in the attack. Their motive was to please a fictional horror story character known as slender man. He appears in a fictional online game where you are being chased and have to find the landmark notes. The girls…show more content…
No sane person would stab their friend from school that they clearly hangout with frequently considering they were having a birthday sleepover party. Especially since her reason was to please a fictional online character known as the slender man. There is no reason to try her as an adult considering the circumstances and that she was later diagnosed with a mental disorder which didn’t just appear after the act. The prosecutor was trying to argue otherwise saying she knew what she was doing and confessed after knowing it was wrong. Yes that may be true but she was not mentally stable at the time which shouldn’t make his claim valued and should be dropped in their next court hearing. What Morgan Geyser needs his medical treatment and to be put somewhere safely where she can receive that help. Not somewhere she will be around actual killers who knew what they were doing. I do agree the act was cruel but she cannot be blamed for something that was out of her control. On the other hand, her friend Anissa Weier has not been proved to be mentally unstable so her being punished for the crime makes sense and the two should be tried separately. Anissa might have just went along with her friend not knowing exactly what she was doing but still should have known right from wrong and has no real reason for believing in slender man. Maybe because she
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