Mental Disorders: A Conceptual Analysis

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Pulling up to Grand Valley’s gymnasium, I start to feel butterflies in my stomach. I am both excited and nervous for this week. I quickly replay the meeting we had the week before in my head. During the meeting, Deb, the leader of the camp told us about the background history of the camp, what to do, and what the rules are for camp. Wheelchair camp is held at GVSU and is ran by the Mary Freebed. I was told that this camp is for kids who are in wheelchairs that want to play sports. She said there are two main rules for camp. Rule one: Always have another volunteer with you when you take a camper to the bathroom. Rule two: When lifting a camper from one chair to another, make sure one person holds the campers’ arms while the other person moves …show more content…

This camper is wearing a blue Grand Valley t-shirt who has dark brown eyes that matched his short brown hair. He sees me looking at him and he gives me a smile. His smile contained bright blue braces. When it was his turn to introduce himself, he told us that his name is Nathan. Later today, I found the time to talk to him. He tells me that he is 12 years old and he has autism. I noticed when he talks, he sometimes fumbles his words and shakes his hands. After having that one conversation with him, I find him by my side now 24/7. He tells me about his family, his pets, his town, and everything else that comes to his mind. Sometimes when he is tells me a story, I can’t fully understand all of his words, but I know whatever he is talking about, he has passion about it because he is always smiling and laughing when telling it. Nathan is a person who enjoys every minute of everyday. He will talk to anyone and everyone. During every activity he will find his way over to me. Even when he is in a middle of a game he will find me. I will have to encourage him to get involved in the sport. He always laughs and I have to push him back out on the court. At lunch, he finds his way over to me and sits right beside me. He tells me stories about the sport he just played which makes me laugh because he already told me these stories before. He asks me to help him make his burger. As I help him put on his condiments, I look over at him and notice that he hasn't stopped smiling since we sat down. I have never seen a happier kid than Nathan. After lunch, we play Dodgeball and tennis. I learn that there are different rules to sports if you are in a wheelchair. Watching the kids play tennis I think about how all these kids came from all over the United States just to play sports for a week because they can't do it at home. After tennis, it is the end of the day and it is time to say our goodbyes. Most of the campers’ just wave and smile goodbye

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