Mental Disorders And Its Effects On The Individual 's Health

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Health is described and explained in many various discourses, which are socially constructed. The concepts of ‘health’, ‘mind’ and ‘body’ are different depending on the time and place, but all cultures and cosmologies play an essential role in the experience of being a human. Psychological well being is a very important concern for all individuals, communities and also health services, not just because of the cost with psychological ill-health but also the loss of life for those who are affected by their relatives. Psychological well being aims to focus on the individual’s feelings and also other features of psychological functioning. There are multiple factors for situations, which can affect an individual’s health; these factors include personality, biological environmental factors and many others. The DSM-IV concludes that depression is a mood disorder; it is also known to be the most common mental disorder.
Most people at some point through their lives may go through a period of time when they ‘feel down’, however to be diagnosed with depression you must be present with a low mood for over 2 weeks, also having five of the following symptoms; feelings of worthlessness, weight gain or loss, insomnia or hypersomnia, fatigue, low or no concentration at all. Depression is usually linked with either some form of loss, e.g. loosing a loved one or even from a loss of a job. However, depression can even be triggered by contextual or external factors, such as dull whether or…
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