Mental Disorders And Personality Disorder

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Emily Dickinson famously said that the brain was wider than the sky, and she wasn 't far off. The brain, specifically the mind, is the structure of all things personality and there are no set boundaries that it falls in. But what happens when there 's a glitch, causing people to not understand human ethics? There are certain mental disorders that can be linked to serial criminality, such as antisocal personality disorder and borderline personality which are exhibited in notorious killers Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer.
Ted Bundy is perhaps a household name. His crimes were so horrendous and large that people more or less recognize him, even if they do not know the reason. From the outside, Bundy grew up in a loving middle class family. However, Born on November 24, 1946, Theodore "Ted" Bundy started life as his family 's embarrassing secret. His mother was just twenty-two years old when she had him, young and unwed, which disgusted her extremely religious parents. The grandparents quickly took him in and made him believe is mother was his sister, hiding the truth from him at all costs. This was just the first of many problems he had through his life.
His fascination with knives started at just the age of three, foreshadowing the crimes would come later. As a teen, he had trouble connecting with peers, thought nothing of stealing, and often looked into other 's windows without second thought. He was a smart boy and did very well in school but there was an undeniable difference…
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