Mental Disorders And Physical Disorders

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The world has come a long way in understanding mental disorders, but even in today’s society they are still not treated the same way as physical disorders. It is true we are no longer killing people for having a mental disorder because of the belief it is a demon possessing them, but we still have a long way to go in correcting how we still treat those with these disorders. The two have their differences, but mental and physical disorders are equal in how they are both illnesses deserving the same respect and treatment. Mental disorders are diseases of the brain that cause impairment in one’s behaviors, thoughts, or moods. On the other hand, physical disorders are diseases that cause pain to the physical body itself. By definitions, both mental disorders and physical disorders are both diseases. These two types of disorders are similar in the way that they both have symptoms, they can be treated with modern medicine, and they both alter the lives of those who live with them. They are both considered medically to make people sick, so why do people still react to mental disorders as if they are lesser than physical disorders? To this day mental disorders are still questioned and looked down upon in ways that physical disorders could never even compare, and that needs to change. Examples of this difference in treatment is shown immediately throughout the early stages of a diagnosis. When someone is diagnosed with a physical disorder, most people never feel the need to hide
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