Mental Disorders Are Medical Problems

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After reviewing this week’s lecture, readings, and multimedia, I have to slightly disagree with the statement that DSM-5 mental disorders are medical problems, and that psychiatric diagnosis is a scientific (and essential) component of successful intervention. Although the biomedical model of mental disorders classifies mental health conditions as diseases of the brain, I personally do not believe each diagnosis in the DSM-5 should be listed as a medical problem (Deacon, 2013). According to the statistics, “more than one in five insured American adults take psychotropic medication (Deacon, 2013). Those numbers are alarming considering a plethora of clients are continuing to be diagnosed daily with minimal improvements being made to correct the “so- called” chemical imbalances. As far as the psychiatric diagnosis being a scientific and essential component of successful intervention, I am in agreement with because as a result of working closely with agencies that provide diagnosis to clients, the client must be diagnosed before receiving treatment, so that the agencies can receive financial reimbursements for their services.
I believe the video, The Barrier to Rethinking Psychiatry: The Guild Interests of the American Psychiatric Association, Robert Whitaker sums everything up perfectly. Whitaker (2014) discussed a 16 week study that was completed for individuals who experienced panic attacks, and the results revealed the medication caused more harm than good to those who

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