Mental Disorders Case Summary

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Patient lives alone in a one bedroom apartment in a complex for individuals with mental disabilities per the patient. The apartment is filthy, there are stains on the carpet and items’ cluttering his furniture, and therefore, the patient is requiring immediate and continuous assistance with the maintenance of his dwellings. The patient uses a motorized chair to maneuver around his apartment and outside in the community, because he uses the motorized chair outside it tracks dirt into his apartment and causes the carpet to get soiled. The patient stated that he is at risk of being evicted when his lease expires if he doesn’t keep his apartment clean; as a result he is requesting assistance with cleaning his apartment. The patient noted that…show more content…
Concluding the patients stay at Huntsville Hospital he was taken to Windsor House for rehabilitation where he remained from July 20 to August 3, 2015. The patient was sent home under the care of Spectrum Home Health and Dr. S. Nuthi his PMP. The patient states that he is receiving care for anxiety and depression from the VA, where he sees his psychiatrist and a counselor occasionally. The patient feels that his mental health is under control with this course of treatment. The patient demonstrated limited mobility as he uses a motorized chair and walker for mobility around his apartment, but has requested some leg braces to help him gain more mobility. Spectrum is providing the patient with physical therapy, occupational therapy, an aid and skilled nursing. The patient utilizes Handi Ride to get to appointments. The patient states that he has a good appetite and frequently will overeat when he is unable to sleep at night. The patient feels that he could benefit from diabetes education and a special diabetes diet. The patient informed the social worker that he was getting assistance with bathing from Spectrum, but he is concerned if this will continue because the individual who was coming out will no longer work with Spectrum. The patient states that he is experiencing excessive amounts of pain. `The patient does have a history of falls. He stated that he has difficulty sleeping and only sleeps 4 hours at a time before awaking and maybe getting another two hours of sleep; as a result the patient reports having low energy. The patient is also concerned about frequent urination which has limited his
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