Mental Disorders Paper

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Throughout the history of mankind a leader or leaders and their decision making and has always been a foundational aspect of every society. This event spans from the the hunter gatherers to today’s society in regards to ethics, values, norms and what is perceived to be abnormal or taboo. Unfortunately, there’s a myriad of individuals that are either born with or develops a socially unacceptable mental disorder. Although there are many mental disorders for this paper the focus is on these 3 insufficiencies: Tourette, narcolepsy, autism, and how those affected by these disorders fit into society. I. During early periods, behavioral disorders created havoc among the family and the medical arena in regards to how to treat the disease…show more content…
As further noted by the National Geographic’s (NG), Tourette syndrome (tics) is considered as a biological brain disorder which has debilitated Paul Stephenson. And based on their interview with him, he presented with repetitive uncontrollable movements and frequent inappropriate dialect. Mr Stephenson regarding years of misdiagnoses and public ridicule, before he was eventually diagnosed with Tourette syndrome (NG, 2012). This behavioral disorder and others such as narcolepsy, and autism are just are few of society’s taboos. II. In regards to responses to behavioral disorders such as narcolepsy, society has presented with harsh treatment toward those with this and other debilitating diagnoses. This holds true according a documentary presented by Channel 5 TV on youtube entitled, “Follow Me on a day while fighting narcolepsy Part 1” which is one disease that causes sudden sleeping attacks. Those who witness this debilitating attack perceives the individual as a drunkard or drug user. Mahumid Daud is featured in this documentary. He describes his experience as a feeling of guilt regarding his inability…show more content…
The NIH describes autism regarding its complexities stating that, “Autistic children have difficulties wit social interaction, display problems with verbal and nonverbal communication, and exhibit repetitive behaviors or narrow, obsessive interests” (NIH, 2012). As noted by the NG in its documentary “Autistic Artist,” in which details how art has and continues to afford autistic individuals self expression through paintings. This documentary reveals how Jerry and his family discovered that he could communicate his feels regarding autism by way of enhanced computer technology. Although advancement toward mental disorders are on a continuum more is needed to assure that security for these individuals and their families. One critical aspect of caring for or meeting the needs of those with behavioral disorders is providing safety nets. This is inclusive of funding, housing, and continued education regarding social, All of these components and others are needed to produce structured living for at risk individuals. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. National Center for Emerging and
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