Mental Disorders Research Paper

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The Importance of Mental Disorders Throughout history, those with mental disorders have been revered as deities for their unusual mindset, or have been viewed with revulsion and fear. Since the founding of the United Nations in October of 1945, the concept of mental health and hygiene have gained international acceptance. (“Mental Hygiene”) Acceptance is the key word. Though mental disorders have become a more observed and better treated medical condition, the public has yet to span the final gap of treating these patients as what they are, human beings. We need to increase our understanding and alter our perception of mental disorders so we can move towards a supportive society in which we are not afraid, but open and accepting. Becoming comfortable…show more content…
The media is a powerful tool that can twist our thoughts and influence biases in us, but it can also reveal cold truths to our face. Mental disorders have a growing prevalence in the media, as well as in literature. Misrepresentation of people with mental disorders as people who are dangerous, incompetent and undeserving can influence society’s perception, and push those affected into the dark, wanting to hide their condition. (Fawcett, Kristin) This doesn’t mean the media needs to ignore mental disorders, quite the contrary. By showing the reality of mental disorders and their effect they have on people is a perfect way of informing the…show more content…
Many types of disorders are accurately represented, rather than one side character that has a small stint with depression. Of course the Mad Hatter shows signs of bipolar disorder and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, but Alice herself shows signs of schizophrenia, dream anxiety disorder, and psychosis. Other mental disorders such as narcissistic personality disorder, perfectionism, and general anxiety disorder are represented. (“The Psychology Within Alice in Wonderland”) Silver Linings Playbook is also another work that has been recognised as a wonderful portrayal of mental disorders. Jennifer Lawrence, one of the leads and an Academy Award-winning Actress, stated, “I don’t think we’re going to stop until we get rid of the stigma for mental conditions…If you have asthma you take asthma medicine. If you have diabetes you take diabetes medicine. But as soon as you have to take medication for your mind there’s such a stigma behind it.” (“The Importance of Mental
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