Mental Dress And Mental Illness

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We really do not know when mental patient starts to be classified as criminal. It might been around the time the federal government and State started to cutting fund for Mental illness The court did not have anywhere to send the mental patient and there in up in the criminal system. A Crisis involving the mental illness has been considered among the most dangerous in which a police office can respond. They are volatile unpredictable, and many times involve individuals who have lost their ability to think rationally. Handing cases involving mentally ill people can be a dangerous endeavor both for the person with whom the police come in contract, and for the police. According to official FBI Uniform Crime Report, during the period from 1997 to 2006 there were 1058 official assaulted in America and 13 feloniously killed while responding to calls involving mentally illness people (Harmening, 2014). Many, if not most people suffering a mental illness will react negatively to the presence of the police, and this reaction tends to cause a like reaction by the officers involved as they resort to their training and take a defensive posture for self-protection. As soon as each reaction is apparent, which is oftentimes immediate, then a tension builds that can cause the situation to escalate and become very volatile. The police are neither accustomed to nor trained to; de-escalate them in the midst of a tense situation. Traditional police training makes no distinction between sanity
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