Mental Dress And Mental Illness

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The late actress Carrie Fisher once said, “I am mentally ill. I can say that. I am not ashamed of that. I survived that - I’m still surviving it - but bring it on. Better me than you.” Mental illness is a problem that hardly ever gets positive representation in the media, usually it is only represented in a negative light or following a tragedy. But on the occasion, people of a higher power come forward to speak out about it or something is written representing mental illness not as something wrong with people, but as something that is a part of people that they must overcome. Black-eyed Suzie is an inspiring story about a young girl with an abusive mother who overcomes her mental issues in a sanitarium. In Black-eyed Suzie, the author uses Suzie's internal conflict to teach that we should never be afraid of doing the right thing. For example, when Suzie is in the mental hospital, her sister continues to remind her that they can't tell anyone what their mother has done so she won't "get in trouble." Suzie has terrible flashbacks of the time her mother pushed her onto the stove and beat her, but because of her mental illness, she isn't able to communicate the memories to anyone or tell anyone what her mother did. Once she is finally able to speak, she is terrified someone will hit her, despite everyone at the hospital being happy for her. "Do they mean that? Or are they just waiting to catch me at something worse to make their words mores stinging, to make the hits harder?"
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