Mental, Emotional And Behavioral Disorders

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Psychology is the study of the human behavior and many. For many years, psychologist and researchers have formed their own theological perspective on human nature.Through years of research and experimentation, psychologist sought to find why we behave the way we do. One goal of a psychologist is to assess and treat mental, emotional and behavioral disorders. These disorders, may range from short term crises, resulting from childhood or adolescent conflicts, to more severe chronic conditions such as schizophrenia. Through counseling sessions, psychologist aim to give clients insight into their behavior, thoughts andor disorders, and teach the client to adapt positive coping strategies to implant in their every lives to avoid relapse.
Cognitive Behavior Therapy is is a form of therapy I would like to use as a therapist. Cognitive behavioral therapy is a form of therapy that combines both cognitive and behavioral principles and methods in a short-term treatment approach. Recognition and Reorganization of one’s self statements will result in the reorganization of one’s behavior. This form of therapy fits my view of human nature, because our thoughts and beliefs impact our behavior. For instance, feelings of anger such as “I 'm being treated unfairly,” may result in the individual physically attacking andor verbally attacking an individual. Gaining insight into this allows us to modify our dysfunctional cognitions, and improve our wellbeing.
There are many life experience
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