Mental Healing: Does Positive Thinking Act Upon Brain Neurons to Improve Health?

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Mental Healing: Does Positive Thinking Act Upon Brain Neurons to Improve Health?

Almost all of us have heard of a scenario such as this one: A woman battling cancer has lost almost all hope of recovery. She has not been able to turn to her family for support for fear of their reactions to her illness. One morning she finally breaks down and tells her husband about the cancer. Instead of being devastated and turning his back on his wife, the husband supports the wife, every step of the way, and she gradually seems to improve.

Why is it that something as seemingly innocent as love and support can prolong life or improve someone's health? Is there any neurological evidence that positive thinking, love, and help can actually stimulate
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In his paper, Grow speaks extensively about the power of thought in effecting health, be it positive or negative. Most important to the reader of the article, Grow establishes from the start of the article that "mental healing" is the term coined for the traditional idea of "mind" and "body." A perfect example of Grow's stance on health and "mental healing" is in the statement he makes concerning a person's thoughts on wellness: "On a simple level, a person whose self-image has led to a destructive diet that has caused medical problems may improve the problem and the diet by changing the self-image--which is a way of thinking, an intention, a mental act." Grow likens these kind of healing processes to the work that psychologists do with their patients in therapy.

The ideas that Grow claims under the mantra of mental healing that are the most similar to psychology are visualization and self-affirmation. Traditionally techniques used by Behaviorists in Psychology, Grow talks about people taking the time to explore what is inside of themselves. He says by visualizing problems, people can then work them through in their own mind, and find the right solution. Self-affirmation, on the other hand, is designed to counteract negative statements like "I am a failure at my job." Instead, statements such as, "This job is hard, but I will keep trying my best," are meant to replace the negative thoughts that can lead to stress and anxiety.(1). In relation to the course
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