Mental Health : A First Person, Analytical Essay, Peel Format

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Part A – First person, analytical essay, PEEL format. 300-500 words.
There are many horrible ways of people getting depression and anxiety in the world which is highly increasing as the days go on. One of these ways of producing these two elements is mental health. Mental health is not just a bad thing but is also good as you can create resilience, coping strategies and avenues to seek help with anxiety and depression. Psychology workers are one of the many jobs of people helping to create resilience, coping strategies and avenues for people to help them get through anxiety and depression through mental health. Resilience is what the psychology workers aim for first as it has the capacity to help people recover quickly from difficulties
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A way to find out how to use these things towards you as an advantage is by talking to a professional or someone that has used them in the past like a psychologist or a doctor. This is clearly affecting the world that we live in today by a long shot more than any other symptom out there. For example from the age 18 years and older 18% of the U.S populations have anxiety disorders, that’s 40 million people that are affected by this disorder known as anxiety. Only one-third of the of people anxiety disorders around the world are being treated yet this disease is highly treatable. This leads onto the fact that over $42 billion is spent on anxiety disorders out of the total $148 billion total that is spent on the mental health bill, that’s roughly one-third of the total payment. Therefore we can clearly tell by the statistics that over 40million people in the U.S have the anxiety disorder, only one-third of the people are being treated yet it is highly treatable and the fact that it has used over $42 billion in the U.S.
Therefore it can be concluded that the current position that the population of people with anxiety disorders and people that are being treated with and completely different numbers and requires and seeks global attention as it is a big issue. There is a connection with all the people that having been treated and we can clearly conclude that
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