Mental Health And Academic Success

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Mental health problems among students is an important but highly unexplored topic. The pressures for college level students to succeed while balancing financial, social and academic changes has yet to be studied at a level which directly correlates mental health status with success or failure. A stable or healthy mental health is thought to lead to higher success rates in academia and if so, how to help students achieve a stable mental state is essential in ensuring student reach their highest potential. Mental health awareness among students is essential in providing vital care and ultimately encouraging academic success.
To begin to find a relationship between the two we must first ask what does a stable mental state look like. After comparing the two, it is important to also ask what affects a student 's mental state? What situations or issues cause students the most stress, and lastly how does mental instability coincide graduation rates.

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Running Head: Mental Health and Academic Success

An increase in mental disorders among students calls for a college-wide policy in order to bring awareness and should be dependent on the coordination and combination of students and faculty. Reports of alarming rates in deaths caused by substance abuse, homicide, murder-suicides, and suicide among college students have also increased (O’Connor, 2001)1. In a report by USA TODAY, 620 deaths of four year college and university students from 2000 to 2005 based on public…

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