Mental Health And Health Care

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Mental Health Services in Rural Canada
When looking at the rural areas of Canada, there is one particular area of health care that appears to be lacking – mental health care services. This can have many serious implications on the communities in which are being underserved, as well for the nurses and health care professionals providing the care for those with mental illness.
Approximately 99.8 percent of Canada is considered to be a rural area (World Health Organization, 2009). Within this, there are over six million Canadians, approximately 20 percent, residing within these rural areas (Statistics Canada, 2006). The need for mental health care in rural areas of Canada is on the rise, yet there are still many barriers, identified in the literature, preventing adequate care and services for these individuals. Schizophrenia, anxiety disorders and bipolar disorders are among many of the mental illnesses prevalent in rural parts of Canada, which require reliable, effective services, yet to be addressed (Simms, Gibson & O 'Donnell, 2011). This paper will focus specifically on rural Canadians living with mental illness, how the limited mental health services impacts their overall health, as well as how this affects the rural nurses providing care.
Barriers to Mental Health Care for Rural Canadians
Geography as barrier. It has been noted that those residing in rural areas of Canada are less likely to receive psychiatric care compared to those residing in urban areas (Hardy, Kelly…

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