Mental Health And Health Care

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Mental illness affects one in four people at some stage in their life. It is estimated that at any one time, there are 450 million people experiencing a mental illness, most of whom live in developing countries. About 25% of patients using primary health care services in developing countries suffer from a mental illness. “Despite the substantial burden of disease and the availability of effective and affordable treatments, mental health care remains a neglected issue, especially in developing countries” (Kermode, Herrman, Arole, White, Premkumar & Patel 2007, pp. 2). The relationship between women’s mental health and reproductive health has come to be recognized as having a considerable burden on women’s health and lives. The World…show more content…
Women are led to believe that the birth of a baby will bring them joy and happiness and that the period after childbirth will be the most satisfying and fulfilling time of their life. However it is perceived as being one of the most stressful and anxiety-producing times for a woman and her family (Daniel 2008). The nature, prevalence and determinants of mental health problems in women during pregnancy and in the period following childbirth have been thoroughly investigated in high-income, developed countries. The mental health of women living in low-income, developing countries has only recently become an interest for research, due to a greater priority of preventing pregnancy-related deaths (Fisher, Cabral de Mello, Patel, Rahman, Tran, Holton & Holmes 2012). According to the WHO (2009, pp. 15), “the available evidence on reproductive mental health conditions comes overwhelmingly from middle- and high-income countries, conveying the false impression that such conditions do not affect or concern women in low-income countries”. Oftentimes the health of people in resource-poor settings is overlooked and underestimated. Research indicates that approximately 70% of women who give birth each year experience some negative changes in their mental health and moods. Women suffering from postpartum depression have described the period after childbirth as a nightmare as they experience sleeplessness, confusion, memory loss, and anxiety during an

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