Mental Health And Mental Illness

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Understanding mental health is a very complex concept. The antiquity of mental illness and madness tells two common and defective definitions of mental health. The first, that mental health is the absence of mental illness, while the second that mental health is a state of well-being (Tudor, 1995). The fact that both definitions are reductive and the same word mental health is used to mean mental illness added more confusion to such term. However, it is important to know what really is mental health and mental illness. Much so, people’s mental state could be influenced by several things such as anxiety and shock. Thus, this essay was based on a case study; it will look at the meaning of mental health and mental illness in relation to Schizophrenia. Also, it will look at the causes and the functional difficulties associated with Schizophrenia. Furthermore, it will reflect on the impacts of a diagnosis of mental illness on individual and in general and particularly in relation to Schizophrenia. Finally, it will discuss the type of support and treatment that might be effective in relation to the case study.

Everyone should be concern with mental health and mental illness. According to the mental health foundation (2015), they argued that mental health is a way of describing how a person feel and how he or she manages to cope with own emotions. It is believed that anyone who is mentally healthy should be able to cope with life, manage emotions and feelings, participates fully…

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