Mental Health And Mental Illness Essay

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GENDER AND MENTAL HEALTH Mental Health definition “The capacity to flexibly adjust or adapt to the external world, form emotionally satisfying relationships, master developmental tasks, learn from experience, take responsibility for one 's actions and deal with conflicting emotions”(Kaplan &Sadock,1988) Introduction to Mental Health The human behavior their quality and how they experience things can be selected to get the idea of mental health and mental illness respectively. These ideas are always being disputed by the mental health expert and it has also been change over tome. And at same time time theories about mental health and mental illness cause vary between these two and to some extend it lies with in various group and various discipline that are concern with the large field of mental health that include right from psychology, psychiatry, psychotherapy, sociology and social work . Every culture has some notion of psychological or emotional difference. Which include all mental health professionals and lay people as well and they are very much conscious. That include large array and also cover a broad spectrum of severity. As feeling of suffering from ‘ bad nerves’ or persistently sad, ‘down’ together with headaches, and pains, or even more seriously as having thoughts, strange, frustrating or ‘antisocial’ behaviour. It is broadly classified into two groups first common ‘neurotic’ or non psychotic disorders that manifest with a mixture of depression,

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