Mental Health And Physical And Sexual Abuse

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Joshua Beavers had a physical completed by Amudha Palani, M.D., TPMG Hidenwood Family Medicine, located in Newport News, Virginia on 06/30/2015. It is Dr. Palani’s opinion that Mr. Beavers is physically and emotionally able to foster/adopt and assume the additional responsibilities of caring for foster children on a full time basis.

Joseph Beavers completed a T.B. Risk Assessment on 07/30/2015; the test results were “free from tuberculosis”.
The test was completed at Patient First, located in Hampton, Virginia.

Substance Abuse/Mental Health/Physical/Sexual Abuse History:
Mr. Beavers denies any history of substance, physical, or sexual abuse and has never experienced any psychiatric issues.

The Resource Mother:

Mrs. Beavers was born in Atlanta, Georgia on August 31, 1982. Mrs. Beavers is the oldest of two girls born to Ruth and Wally Veal. Mrs. Beavers’ parents have been married for 34 years; this was the only marriage for both of them. According to Mrs. Beavers, her parents had their “ups and downs”. While in elementary school Mrs. Beavers shared her parents briefly separated, but reconciled their marriage. Overall she described her parents’ marriage as “normal”. Mrs. Beavers described her mother as a strong, giving, understanding and loving person. Mrs. Beavers described her father as hardworking, family oriented, gentle and firm.

Both of Mrs. Beavers’ parents completed high school. As a child, Mrs. Beavers’ mother and father both worked for Dan
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