Mental Health And The Lgbt Community

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Introduction There have been many studies on mental health in the LGBT community. With more people being open about their sexual orientation, the LGBT community has become a bigger target for those individuals who create difference between groups to justify discrimination of a particular group. The discrimination towards the LGBT community has caused problems for individuals in the community, mental health being among the biggest problem. Studies have shown that the discrimination of LGBT individuals can affect mental health. Not only are there various laws that deny same sex marriage but according to there are government benefits that favor the traditional family over a non-traditional. Due to discrimination lesbians and bisexuals are more likely to be at risk for mental disorders compared to heterosexuals (Cochran and Mays 2003). Mental health issues are not only seen in the adult LGBT community but in the youth LGBT. Studies suggest that mental health disparities can exist during adolescence (Mustanski et al. 2010). The purpose of this review is to show that the LGBT community is at higher risk for mental health disorders and psychological distress. This review will show that discrimination among the LGBT community is linked to the risk of mental health disorders and psychological distress and also demonstrate that lesbian, gay, and bisexual youth have high levels of emotional distress. This paper will investigate mental health and discrimination focusing on
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