Mental Health And The Social And Emotional Wellbeing Of An Individual And Community

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Mental health relates to the social and emotional wellbeing of an individual and community. It is culturally defined but mainly relates to the enjoyment of life, being able to cope in a stressful or sad situation, fulfilling goals and potential and connecting with others (HIMH, 2007). In John’s case he had a major road traffic accident two months ago where he had minor cuts and bruises. According to the ICD-10 Classification of Mental and Behavioural Disorders, John probably suffers from Anxiety Disorder hence the symptoms his experiencing such as panicking whilst giving presentation at work, finding hard to cope in day to day situations and difficult in driving to his work sites (WHO, 1992). Anxiety disorder is a condition which the symptoms of anxiety can become very severe or occur regularly, they can start to interfere with a person’s everyday life (BUPA, 2014). John is married and has two young children; his wife is concerned about his ability to cope. This can have a negative effect on his family because his struggling with his work which can put him into financial problems such as finding difficult in paying bills. It can also affect his relationship with his wife since his unable to do day to day things and this can stress her more as she now has to take care of him as well as her two young children.
There are many services available which John and his family can access to support them. Mental health services are free on the NHS but a referral from the GP is…
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