Mental Health Awareness And Improvement Act

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Mental Health Awareness and Improvement Act
The shortage of aid for treating mental health disorders is often disregarded as inconsequential because of a lack of awareness surrounding the subject. Both the general public and policy makers seem blind to the prevalence of the problem, even though mental illness affects 1 in 5 Americans and costs the country an estimated $247 billion dollars annually (Blumenthal, 2015). The Mental Health Awareness and Improvement Act of 2015 was written to address mental health issues and the problems surrounding lack of awareness; it seeks to provide early intervention and treatment through symptom awareness training, removal of barriers to treatment, and expansion of knowledge on how to treat mental health illnesses. (“Alexander, Murray Introduce,” 2015).
Part A: Legislation and Political Context The Mental Health Awareness and Improvement Act of 2015 (MHAIA) looks at who is available in the community to help individuals suffering with mental illness, and builds on programs to train these individuals in awareness and intervention so that they can respond effectively to individuals with mental health and substance abuse disorders. (Petruzzelli, 2015). MHAIA reauthorizes federal grants given to states for mental health awareness training; the grants are used to train nonprofit organizations Indian tribes, emergency personnel, school faculty, and others in how to recognize the signs and symptoms of mental illness, to know the resources…
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