Mental Health Care Case Study

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Clinical: Mental Health Resource Center (FACT team)
As I arrived to the Mental Health Resource Center the team leader had been waiting upon my arrival. The team leader placed a three-pronged binder filled with papers in my field of view along with a pen to sign my name. The paper being signed is a confidentiality form, stating all names and events concerning any patient must not be repeated. After the paperwork and some rules were placed, I officially entered the facility. The team leader toured the office showing where the main meetings occur, the nurse’s quarters, kitchen and the doctor’s office.
Dr. Ward, the psychiatrist at the Mental Health Resource Center, walked out of her office and greeted both of us warmly. Dr. Ward welcomed us into her office, and knowing little about psychiatry I
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Ward what lead her to psychiatry. Dr. Ward revealed she first aimed toward orthopedic surgery. “But I later found orthopedic surgery wasn’t for me” she explained at least twenty-one percent of medical cases are flawed by error, and an orthopedic surgeon required a fast-paced thought process without flaw. “Because worst case scenario, the patient dies and now your filed under a law suit”.
After a few conversations about Palm Harbor University High school and the medical program, I asked Dr. Ward what she enjoys about her job the most. She explained she loves the variety of patients and treatments she is able to use, making the job more interesting. “I couldn’t be a dermatologist; it seems like once you’ve seen one rash you’ve seen them all. In psychiatry, everyone is treated differently especially medication wise.”
Dr. Ward and I discussed a few topics on medications when a patient called and asked for Dr. Ward. I left the doctor’s office allowing them privacy to discuss confidential matters, and walked toward the Team Leader’s office. I asked the Team Leader if I could help while I was here, and she assigned a task to help organize some
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