Mental Health Care For Low Income Americans

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The Past, Present, and Future of Mental Health Care for Low-Income Americans Through environmental and technological innovations, health care in the industrialized world has been transformed over the past two centuries. This transformation also applies to mental health care. With the discovery and acceptance of psychology as a legitimate health science in the past one and a half centuries, mental health has been gradually integrated into the broad health care schema as primary and preventative medicine. However, even with this gradual integration, mental health care in the United States leaves much to be desired. Even after the passage of the 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), this type of care falls short of…show more content…
Optimal mental health has been associated with improved health, social, and professional outcomes (Centers For Disease Control and Prevention "Mental Health Basics”). Thus, mental health care is the process of maintaining this well-being for individuals through various health-related services. Because those with mental health disorders are unlikely to “live productively and fruitfully,” many of these people are likely to be in low-income brackets, which also means they are less likely to be able to afford or have sufficient access to the necessary care and their mental and physical health may further deteriorate, thus signaling a vicious cycle. Unfortunately, because poor mental health is not commonly treated or prevented in primary care, these individuals continue to suffer until they are able to be treated for a specific mental illness. Often mental health care and medical care do not coincide. This is a substantial issue because individuals who are in serious need of mental health services are more likely to have serious physical illnesses that accompany mental illnesses. In addition to driving up prices of care, this type of disorganization also reduces the quality and effectiveness of mental health care and medical care
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