Mental Health Care System Of Australia

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Mental health services has given significant impact and influence on mental health nursing practice (Ricard, Page & Laflamme 2014). This is due to the fact that nurses have shown leadership in the clinical setting and have adapted the needs of their consumers to their services in the primary health care setting (Ricard, Page & Laflamme 2014). However, according to John Crowther & Theresa Ragusa (2011), mental health nursing has declined in New South Wales (NSW). Their study provides insight on the realities of the mental health nursing practice particularly in NSW. They found that there was a pattern of underfunding by the government for the mental health services which has cause a decrease in value that was once attached to mental health…show more content…
In accordance to the Australian College of Mental Health Nurses (2010) or ACMHN, nurses of mental health should be able to acknowledge and respect the diversity in cultures, values beliefs that promote dignity and non-discriminatory towards others; establish collaborative partnerships with consumers to facilitate and support all aspects of the care provided; develop therapeutic relations that respects a consumer’s choice, experience and circumstance; plan and give ethically- and evidence-based care that meets the need of the consumers in mental, physical, spiritual, emotional and social aspects; contribute in the change of holistic as well as evidence based care but it should ensure the services rendered will benefit consumers that are mentally ill; actively pursue in reducing stigma and promote social inclusion with the community; demonstrate practice that is evidence-based while encouraging innovation through research and learning; incorporate and reflect the law requirements and code of conduct and ethics for the professional nurses; and demonstrate progressive specialist knowledge through forward-thinking skill and practice. With the knowledge that mental health nurses have to work with, it isn’t difficult to see why John Crowther & Theresa Ragusa’s (2011) statements could be true until today. There are many aspects that a mental health nurse needs to excel at to be able to properly give service. However, when read carefully, many of the
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