Mental Health Care for Male Prisoners in the United States

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Our group consists of Asmaa, Kelly, Sasha, and me, and our project is entitled, "Mental Health for Male Prisoners in the United States." It took several weeks to work on this research, and the project went very smoothly. As a group, we worked together well. Everyone was on time for our scheduled meetings, and we divided tasks so that each person had a clearly defined role within the group. There were no issues or problems during the times that we worked together. Although we were not personal friends at the time we began the project, we developed strong working relationships that highlight some of the positive aspects and outcomes of teamwork. For example, we all have similar communication styles. None of us has a confrontational style, so there were no altercations. Sasha was the most outgoing member of the group in general, and sometimes she had to actively encourage some of the other members to speak up if she could tell there was something bothering them or if they did not understand what they were supposed to do. Otherwise, we all felt comfortable enough to share our concerns. We did not pick a group leader so much, but Sasha sometimes took charge of the discussions we had. This gave us some kind of focus, but generally we had a democratic group and collaborated continually. We brainstormed together often, such as when we came up with the keywords for researching the databases. Dividing the project into sections was critical for our group harmony. We each picked
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