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Case Presentation Wilbur Wright College Mental Health 229 Prof. Cordero February 29 2012 Clt is a 41 year old single African American female. She is presently unemployed and receives SSI. She is residing at the LSSI, Kenmore Center The Women's Residence. Before this she was homeless. Clt is mandated by TASC (Treat Alternatives for Safe Communities) for Tx. Clt was mandated for solicitation and possession of crack cocaine. Clt has a Dx. of Bipolar Disorder which is under control at this time with medication. Clt was admitted to detox at LSSI for alcohol, cocaine, and heroin dependence. After detox Clt was admitted to passages, which is a 28 day program, at LSSI Kenmore Center. Clt started using alcohol at the age of 9, cocaine at…show more content…
Clients Treatment Plan The Clts Tx. plan consists of attending 3 group therapy sessions a week, each being two hours. Three 20 minute 1:1 sessions with the writer. The Clt and the writer agreed, along with staff supervision, to spread her hour session into three parts because, the Clt felt she “can’t sit still for that long I'll never make it, it’s too long”, and would be better and more beneficial for her. Clt is required to attend 4 mandatory A.A./N.A. meeting on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday the Clt is required to attend her meetings with a fellow Clt of the house. The Clt was also given a packet with the house rules and is required to follow them. The writer thinks that it would be more beneficial for the Clt to have group meetings twice a day for 30 minutes at a time every day. The Women’s Residence does not provide that service. The Clts attention span is short and the 120 minute group sessions, the Clt currently attends, are not beneficial and makes the Clt feel anxious. The Clt has expressed to the writer that she feels "stupid" when she doesn’t know what the group is talking about. She says she feels like a "guinea pig". DSM IV TR DX Axis I - Alcohol Dependence 303.90, Heroin Dependence 304.00, Crack/Cocaine Dependence 304.20, Bipolar Disorder 296.45 Axis II- Deferred Axis III
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