Mental Health Case Study Assignment

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G: Met with client for weekly case management and to continue assisting with housing. I: CM used open ended questions to inquire about the client’s missed appointments with LAMP VASH. CM questioned client regarding updates with his social security payment. CM discussed a plan with the client that will help the client prioritized all of his housing appointments. CM explained to the client the importance of keeping all of his housing options available by attending all of his appointments and meeting all of the requirements. R: Client presented well-groomed and with good hygiene. The client was dressed appropriately wearing blue jeans, a jacket and a hat. Client's affect was appropriate and congruent, and his mood appeared euthymic. Housing: Laurie Garza provided an update regarding the client’s housing status with LAMP VASH. Client was informed that his application was submitted and that he could potentially received his housing voucher in the near future. Client was informed and agreed to attend his next scheduled appointment on 4/6, with LAMP VASH worker, Laurie Garza. Client was reminded to meet with Laurie Garza every week, in order to fulfill requirements of the LAMP VASH program. Client is currently waiting to clear a background check with LA Family Housing in order to continue with the intake process.…show more content…
Client denied S/I, H/I. Substance abuse: Client reported being sober and clean for over a year and denied having any issues with substance abuse or illegal substances.
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