Mental Health Case Study

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There are many mental health facilities around the state and the country, being able to attend and observed in one was very difficult because of confidentially purposes. Many agencies I visited such as Catholic Charities, St. Mary Hospital behavioral health services, covenant house had turned me down not allowing me to have that exposure and visit in their organization. The agencies policies were strict, they had mentioned they will have to do a series of background checks and had to be enroll in their organization as an intern to be able to have access in their facility. I understood these precautions were very important for the confidentially of patients and the facility. As I was struggling to find some access to a mental health…show more content…
These behaviors are disruptive for the lives of the adolescent in many ways. Furthermore, emotional patterns are found in many of the clients he treats, I ask what was the reasons behind those behaviors, and he did not hesitate and answered me, in most of the times it has to do with family alteration and miscommunications. The emotional patterns adolescents present are not being able to be satisfy with their current life style, not being able to control their emotions, which interfere with their day to day activities. It can take a downfall in their learning path and in their interpersonal relationship and with other providers. Many others have feelings of anxiety and fear of what has happened or what will happen in their lives. The clinician had finished a case of anxiety and gave me an insight of what was treated, for confidential reasons he was not able to give any names nor exact information of the case. He mentioned to me the client needs to follow a process of reassurance, in which s/he will need to have to gain response mechanism to what it is causing them becoming fear and anxious. The client has set different resolution accordance with the clinician to identify what is the source of the problem causing such issue. Moreover, the emergency diagnostic reception unit is a residential setting in which the adolescents are brought
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