Mental Health Concepts And Techniques For The Occupational Therapy Assistant

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During childhood the main occupational role is play. As children are assigned chores and other obligations, at home or at school, some of their time is devoted to activities classified as work. Therefore, as children begin to explore and play they’re beginning to recognize their environment, learn about reality, and develop rules that will guide actions. Children learn the joy of having an effect on the world and other people during this stage. The development of personal causation, the maturing child spends an increasing amount of time in activities that will help transform them into the next stage of life, their future. Mental Health Concepts & Techniques for the Occupational Therapy Assistant states that although, play remains the major occupation throughout childhood, habits and routines are developed and established that leads to adolescence stage. Child development is made up of the biological and psychological changes from birth to the end of adolescence (Ch. 5. 4th ed. Pg. 129-132). The individual increases dependency and progresses to figure out who they are going to be.
Adolescence most important task is to develop an identity separate from one’s parents, a social and sexual role that supports their life. As an adolescence, peers are one factor that shapes you into who you are. However, it is easy to get caught up in the wrong crowd, experience insecurity, anxiety, depression, and have an increasingly high expectations of others. Biologically the changes during…
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