Mental Health Counseling

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View of human nature As a mental health counseling student is developing into a professional, one should be able to recognize his or her own values. One should also know how he or she views human nature. Humans may be pleasure seeking but also desire to have the needs that they needs to live comfortably on a daily basis. Individuals may initially intend to be thought of by others positively. Humans want to be loved by others. Individuals have the power to make choices for their lives. These choices can be good or bad. These choices are made by what one beliefs and thoughts. View of pathology It is important that a counselor does not view his or her clients as pathological. One may have faulty thoughts and behaviors because of one’s experiences in life. Clients are effected by their environment, culture, and others. Individuals may find them attempting to cope with situations which may result in negative behaviors. This is why the individual behaves in a way that can cause a problem. If a client wants to change, it is important that the individual changes his or her thinking in order to see changes in one’s behavior (Windsor, Jemal, & Alessi, 2015). According to the cognitive-behavioral approach, the counselor should help the client to find…show more content…
The counselor should respect the client’s boundaries. It is important the counselor only discusses what the client is willing to discuss. The counselor should listen to the client and should use skills such a reflecting, interpret, and clarify the client’s thoughts and feelings. The counselor may bring some things to the client’s attention that he or she may have not been aware of before. The client should commit to the counseling process. The client should make sure that he or she is honest and forthcoming. The client has to be committed to changing and be responsibilities for any decisions that are made (Seligman,
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