Mental Health Counseling

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Mental Health and Community Counseling
COUN 501

Abstract: Counseling is within the reach of anyone in today’s society. The fields of mental health and community counseling allow services to be rendered to anyone that may need these services while in the past these service were only accessible for a person of a higher social standing in essence the rich. Mental health and community counseling had its beginnings several centuries ago. The services received from mental health and community counseling have helped those with personality development and emotional problems that are unable to pay for services in private practice and therefore if not for these services these clients
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This situation challenges counselors to struggle continuously with how to serve our clients most efficiently (Mireau & Inch, 2009). Wait list have been found to disparaging for clients. Mireau et al. concluded that clients on wait lists experience more problems and experience lower motivation and poorer outcomes as the waiting period lengthens. Brief solution-focused counseling has proven to that client with very short wait prior to their first appointments are more likely to show up for their first appointments and are more likely to complete treatment (Mireau & Inch, 2009). The research has shown that counselors who use this method make a conscious use of their time by engaging the client quickly and keeping the client focused on goals and priorities (Mireau & Inch, 2009). There are some drawbacks to BSFC; this method is not a style for beginning counselors (Mireau & Inch, 2009). BSFC relies heavily on the art and intuition of the experienced clinician (Mireau & Inch, 2009). The technique requires that counselors have appropriate training and an eclectic knowledge of and comfort in a variety of other counseling styles to meet the needs of the client (Mireau & Inch, 2009). Another technique used by
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