Mental Health Counseling Personal Statement

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I firmly believe in myself, in my capabilities, in my skills, in my character, and in my integrity. I also firmly believe in my abilities to achieve my educational and personal goals. I intend to achieve my goal of receiving Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling. I will pursue this area of study in college, focusing on the necessary course work.

My family background has greatly impacted my career goals. I come from a family background where my family always wanted what was best for me. They are always there for me and support me when I need them. With all of that support encouraging me, I'm inspired to go out into the world and do my best. Recently, I engaged in different activities which provided me with the experience of counseling others. For a while now, when certain family members are trying to voice their opinions towards one another I
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I knew my career would consist of me counseling individuals. I would like to be a mental health counselor because I would like to help clients identify symptoms and develop a treatment plan. I would like to ensure that my clients receive the best plan which will lessen the degree of their condition. In order to overcome their condition, the individuals would have to develop healthy growth and show signs that symptoms are going away. The individual would have to make strides in overcoming the barriers which may hold him back.

To sum up, I plan to become a mental health counselor to help others with their emotional challenges. I plan to help people become mentally well, to get better day by day, and to get the support that they need and deserve. My plans remind me of a quote that I heard recently that struck a chord with me, “my life needs a plan, not a promise.” With that, I will carry out my plans. Thank you for your
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