Mental Health Couseling Programs

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Mental health counseling programs are designed to prepare individuals/students to help clients with conflicts, personal problems, or emotional predicaments. Mental Health counseling has become a wide area of study that is highly recommended to those who are unbalanced and in need of support. Effective clinical mental health counselors acknowledge the differences amongst people and seek to improve their ability to work with diverse people (Gladding el at., 2010). This is very important, especially for counselors to be culturally diverse and to develop multicultural counseling competencies to be effective. The License Professional Counselor role is to provide an environment of self-examination by assisting clients with therapy and therapeutic alliance to support the process of healing. They analyze problems from different angles to provide solutions, by using method to set the stage for change. They must provide a non-judgmental environment so that the client feel respected, and of value to openly discuss life events, behaviors, feeling, and thoughts. The Professional Counselor’s role is to create this climate for the clients to examine their emotions to arrive at solutions that is best for the clients. The professional’s assignment is to assist the individuals in finding solutions that are most corresponding with their own values, not to persuade the clients by imposing their values on the client. According to Gladding and Newsome (2010), community and mental health
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