Mental Health Depression Essay

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Mental Health and Psychiatry

Mental Health and Psychiatry – Assignment Number One (Depression)

Question 1.1: Analyse why men are more likely to describe the physical symptoms of depression, rather than the emotional ones, when seeking treatment.

Men are much more likely to describe the physical symptoms than the emotional ones because they always feel like they have to be in control and macho; they like to feel in control of their families.
Men are much less likely to acknowledge that there is actually a problem. Instead of seeking medical treatment with a doctor or specialist men are much more likely to seek refuge in drink or drugs. Men tend to feel irritable and angry instead of hopeless and helpless, therefore, doctors are
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They also tend to be the ones that children turn to with their problems which can sometimes be quite bad and can affect a woman much more than a man. Women often keep things to do with children from their partners and husbands, so as not to cause trouble and issues for their children. They are the mother hen, the protector, so they take on a lot of burden which can lead to depression and sometimes lead to major breakdowns.

Question 1.3: Analyse why depression often carries a lot of social stigma.

One of the main issues that people who suffer from depression have to deal with is the social stigma surrounding it. Depression is classed as a Mental Illness; therefore, they have to deal with the perceptions of other people around them. People try to live a normal life whilst those around them look at them differently. This includes; employers, co-workers, family and friends who have known them for long periods of time. They all start to view them differently. A lot of people wrongly assume that people with a mental illness are violent and potentially dangerous. People are afraid and this shows in their attitudes and general persona’s. People are afraid of what they simply don’t understand. This is potentially detrimental to people suffering with depression as they start to feel alone and totally isolated.
A social stigma is a negative generalisation against a group of people; in this case that group of people are people suffering from
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