Mental Health: Depression among Australian Farmers

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Mental Health: Depression Among Australian Famers Depression and other mental conditions often plague individuals of almost every industry of business practice today. However, there has been a alarming increase in the rates of mental health issues within Australian farmers, who often work been very isolated rural areas. There depression is affecting both their families and the industry as a whole, as one article by Allison Harding shows which to pick the nature of mental health within many Australian farmers and how little resources they have in order to remedy such conditions. The article in question examines the mental health status of Australian farmers and what programs have tried to open up greater resources for them. One of the most stressful programs aimed at helping Australian farmers with depression and other mental conditions are a program called Help a Mate. It was initiated by Pivot Fertilizers after several major disasters hit the agricultural industry in Australia hard last year (Harding 2011). The program was meant to "be an online toolkit posted on the recently launched Farmer Community website" (Incitec Pivot 2011). It is essentially a resource where farmers and their families can access information about how to handle potential issues with mental help. The program even facilitates an open dialogue with farmers, allowing them to post questions that are then answered by real psychologists. Here, the research states that "the program arose from a growing

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