Mental Health Disability

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It appears that key progress has moved forward in mental health service during the new Labour years but with amount of key deficits (Department of Health, 1999). There were no plans to deal with unproductive services such as day care and counselling. Inpatient care also lacks an complete evidence base progress has been made to improvement this secure locations and prisons seem to be used as contemporary asylums at huge financial cost, services remains worse and inconsistent for children and young adults, older people with a learning disability remains a lack of sufficient investment in advertising and anticipation services are still too medically focused and too downstream with not enough early intervention, housing and employment services (Robb,1986). Mental health patients are not only protected under mental health act but also the Equality Act 2010, which…show more content…
To get security under the Equality Act, you have to demonstrate that your mental health problem is a disability. 'Disability' has a special meaning under the Act. The Equality Act 2010 safeguards you from discriminated from employers, organisations that provide services and public functions, education providers (like universities and colleges), organisations that sell or manage property and private clubs and associations (Department of Health, 1999). Public establishments have an extra duty to eliminate discrimination, called the public sector equality duty. Minister, (2004) stated that Research had revealed that discrimination and approaches towards individuals who suffered from mental health problems remained unsuitable and inappropriate. Furthermost employers would not employ someone with a mental health problem. Individuals in the community found it hard to access resources and in addition were disqualified from the law in relation to jury service. (Thornicroft, 2006) said that over the previous 50 years employment statistics presented that people who suffered mental health problems
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