Mental Health Disease Of Alzheimer And Dementia

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Epidemiology Paper Mental Health Disease Robin Cameron NUR/408 Janruary 16, 2011 Nancyruth Leibold Mental Health Disease According to Perry, Presley-Cantrell, and Dhingra (2010) “Mental illness is term health conditions that are characterized by alteration in thinking, mood, or behavior or perhaps a combination that is associated with distress and/or impaired functioning” (p. 2333). Mental health has become an increase concern in the vulnerable elderly population across the nation. Two of the major mental diseases that are prevalence in the elderly population are Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Alzheimer and Dementia are both diseases that affect the elderly population across the nation by declining loss of intellectual functioning. Not much is known about these disease processes but what is known is both these diseases are similar in signs and symptoms (Fisher Center For Alzheimer‘s Research Foundation, 2011). To explore and understand more about Alzheimer and Dementia disease process, it is important to understand what epidemiology is. Then this paper will show how the steps and methods the epidemiology uses to help determine the cause and effect of a disease. The paper continues to review how the epidemiological triangle is used. It is important to tie it altogether by explaining how epidemiology is used to help explore and understanding in how the disease process develops, any identifying causes and how to either slow the effects or prevent the disease process of
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