Mental Health Disorders in the Criminal Justice System: Annotated Bibliography

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Australian Institute of Criminology, 2007, The identification of mental health disorders in the criminal justice system, prepared by Ogloff, J.R.P., Davis, M.R., Rivers, G. and Ross, S., Australian Institute of Criminology, Canberra. In this research bulletin commissioned by the Criminology Research Council, Ogloff et al. review the level of screening and the instruments used across jurisdictions to assess mental illness in justice agencies. Ogloff et al. intend to highlight the need and argue for a nationwide system of screening of all accused offenders taken into police custody, in order to identify those who require a comprehensive mental health assessment. The authors based their research on interviews and the examination of…show more content…
Constantine, R., Andel, R., Petrila, J., Becker, M., Robst, J., Teague, G., Boaz, T. and Howe, A., 2010, ‘Characteristics and experiences of adults with a serious mental Illness who were involved in the criminal justice system’, Psychiatric Services, vol. 61, no. 5, pp. 451-457. In this article Constantine et al. identify the characteristics and experiences of those arrested and those within the prison system with a serious mental illness who were connected to misdemeanour (summary offences) and felony (indictable offences) arrests and additional days in prison. The purpose of this study is to examine the relationship between individual characteristics and personal experiences and the risks of arrests for misdemeanours and felonies as well as additional days spent in prison, it is proposed that differences may suggest the presence of ‘subgroups’ within the population of those arrested with a serious mental illness. Their approach to the study used a retrospective cohort design, where data was recorded longitudinally across 16 quarter (90 day periods) using data from the Pinellas Country Criminal Justice System coupled with all available service data sets in which diagnostic information was accessible. The data was matched through Link-King probabilistic-deterministic and unduplication software. Their research focuses on assessing the impact of individual characteristics and personal experiences on the risks of misdemeanour and felony arrests as well as

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