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Mental Health and Family Discussion
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Mental Health and Family Discussion
Mental health is a combination of the social, psychological, and emotional wellbeing of individuals. It is an important consideration for everyone throughout their lives as it can affect the way people act, think, and feel. Mental health problems negatively impact on the quality of life of individuals as it may cause psychosocial impairment and emotional distress (Rogers, 2014). I once encountered an individual with severe depression as indicated by a score of 22 on the PHQ-9 patient depression questionnaire. The patient had only sought treatment for a mental issue. Sharfstein, Dickerson, and Oldham (2012) noted
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Parental separation, substance abuse, family conflict, and homelessness were some of the family stressors present in the situation. Homelessness, in particular was an important stressor. As pointed out by Mullin and Ambrosia (2005), homelessness is associated with multiple health problems including mental complications such as depression. When caring for the patient, interprofessional teams were utilized to ensure that the burden of the condition on the patient was decreased through an approach that fosters care optimization, wellness, mental health promotion, and improved access to mental health services. An APRN would handle the situation differently since, while the RN primarily delivers the direct patient care as specified in the medical plan, the APRN can create the patient plan themselves, or alongside other practitioners, and supervise the other medical staff to ensure that everything is handled effectively and efficiently.
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