Mental Health Is A Sense Of Wellness

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Mental health is a sense of wellness that an individual has; it is influenced by multiple factors such as support system, personal cultural beliefs, family, and biological influences. Being mentally healthy gives us the ability to grow cognitively, communicate, contribute to society, work productively, and cope with stress (Halter, 2014). When we are unable to cope with stressful events in life, it prevents us from having a meaningful learning experience. Anxiety is a universal emotion that exists in everyone; it is highly individualized and no two people experience them exactly the same. Anxiety can be brought on by something simple such as remembering if you locked the door before you left the house in the morning, or speaking in front of a large group of people. A mentally healthy adult is able to cope with anxiety because they have learned from their past experiences and have grown from them. We progressively grow cognitively as we age and we learn from stressful experiences throughout life, but what about young children? Children develop at their own pace and may lack the cognitive ability to understand why they feel a certain way. Due to their young age, they do not have a large collection of life experiences to help them get through stressful situations. The purpose of this paper is to explore how young children diagnosed with an anxiety disorder respond to Cognitive Behavioral Therapies compared to Metacognitive Therapy. After conducting research about young
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