Mental Health Is A Sense Of Wellness

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Mental health is a sense of wellness that an individual has; it is influenced by multiple factors such as support system, personal cultural beliefs, family, and biological influences. Being mentally healthy gives us the ability to grow cognitively, communicate, contribute to society, work productively, and cope with stress (Halter, 2014). When we are unable to cope with stressful events in life, it prevents us from having a meaningful learning experience. Anxiety is a universal emotion that exists in everyone; it is highly individualized and no two people experience them exactly the same. Anxiety can be brought on by something simple such as remembering if you locked the door before you left the house in the morning, or speaking in front …show more content…
Anxiety is a normal and healthy experience, but when it is intense, extensive in duration and occurs frequently causing functional impairment, it is no longer healthy (Sawyer, M. C., & Nunez, D. E., 2014). Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a form of psychotherapy with the idea of reconstructing negative, unhealthy behaviors, and beliefs to improve thought, mood and behaviors (Chittenden, D., & Anthony, P., 2013). Young children suffering from anxiety disorders can be at risk for impaired psychosocial development because their thoughts may cause anxiety and limit their interactions with peers at school. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is commonly ordered for young children with anxiety disorders because it has proven to be clinically effective (Creswell, C., Waite, P., & Cooper, P., 2014). Since the development of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, it has been modified to become affordable, convenient and as an alternative form of traditional therapy. One modified version is known as the low-intensity Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and is usually the first-line treatment for anxiety disorders. Low-intensity Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a self-guided model that allows for parents of young children with anxiety disorders to implement care from home without the direct supervision of a health care professional (Sawyer, M. C., & Nunez, D. E., 2014). Parents are given a manual that introduces the therapy
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