Mental Health Issue Analysis

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Many people surrounding the concept of college and collegiate students are recognizing what many surveys are proving. The reason people are starting to notice is because recent studies and surveys are presenting that there is evidence of a rise in mental problems. To name a couple of them, depression, suicide and even eating disorders among the collegiate students. The reason this issue has evolved into a controversy is because not only are these survey showing that the umber of students developing mental health issues is increasing but the people being affected by this issue is growing. Some stakeholders have a bad and some have good viewpoint on this issue. The stakeholders fighting and voicing their viewpoint in this controversy vary from…show more content…
Henriques summarizes that today's college students are suffering from an epidemic of mental illness. Henriques has a Ph.D in clinical psychology and is has expertise in depression, suicide,and personality disorders. He also completed several years of post-doctoral training at the University of Pennsylvania under Aaron T. Beck exploring the effectiveness of various cognitive psychotherapy interventions for suicide and psychosis. Henriques teaches courses in personality theory, personality assessment, social psychology and integrative adult psychotherapy. Henriques believes college students are struggling with their mental health. He states that this isn't a surprise nor should it be alarming to say that there is a mental health issue presently among the U.S higher education…show more content…
Rhodan begins her article with an experience of a college student and his mom. "Dana hadn't had any prior experiences with mental illness hen her son Oliver was a student at Kenyon College, but just three weeks into his winter semester he suffered from a mental break.", (Rhodan 1) "The signs were there". (Rhodan 2). Rhodan explains that that Oliver was a student athlete an was participating in the track program at the school. After his track practices he would go to his room instead of going to his classes. He didn't hang out with his friends and wouldn't answer calls from is mother. Not long after, he recalled in a conversation with TIME, he began to hear voices. "I started forming these out-there ideas," says Oliver, who asked not to include his last name. "I starting thinking a neighbor in my dorm was trying to kill me."(Rhodan 2). Since Oliver was at the age of eighteen, his mother was not immediatley notified and the different behaivior. Friends and dorm mates of Oliver were also ill-informed about the warning signs. There was no formal intervention until Oliver got into an argument with a team member of the lacrosse team. His mother still had no idea what was happening to her son. "I didn't receive any information until the hospital called me,".(Rhodan 3). Rhodan states that this incident that happemed to Oliver and his mother are not all that uncommon. She calims that although
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