Mental Health Issues In Prison

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This program is a transitional house for prisoners or clients released from a treatment facility. There has been several studies done on this subject and those studies and have shown that when treatment addresses the social environment the client has a better chance to stay drug and alcohol free. ZywaiK et al. (2002), found that clients with social environments with a higher quantity of people that in recovery, increased client outcomes. This result was persistent at the 3-year mark. Directors or counselors in treatment facilities often ask question about where their clients will live once they complete treatment. This question is asked often by experts who work with clients that are homeless or in high crime filled areas. These treatment…show more content…
There is over 2 million inmates in the prison system in the United States and about 16 percent of them have mental health issues. Some of those mental health conditions is a barrier to the inmates of being self-sufficient. The U.S justice department did a study in 2006 and noted that about 30 percent of those inmates exhibit indications of a mental health diagnosis. In the United States it cost somewhere around 45,000 dollars to house inmates in prison. According to a Department of Justice study only 2,000 dollars of the 45,000 dollars goes for the care of the mentally ill inmates. This does not meet the needs of the inmates of their mental health diagnoses (Coakley, E.…show more content…
The second goal will be met by a house that was given to me by a member of the community. One stipulation for the program to get this house was that it had to be used to help people in recovery or convicted felons. Third and fourth goal will be met by making groups mandatory for substance abuse, life skills class, money management group, and anger management. The fifth goal will be met by going to the local community action and filling out online applications, resume building workshops, and interviewing skills. The sixth goal will be provided by the ABLE program at Shawnee State University and The Student Success Center at Shawnee State University. The program will be working with Compass Community Health Center and Shawnee Mental Health to provide low cost medical and mental health services to achieve the seventh and final goal. Once a client receives employment he will be required to put 50% of his earnings in a bank to stabilizing himself once discharged from our
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