Mental Health Issues Of Mental Illness Essay

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On Wednesday, October 7th, 2015, I attended a panel discussion on mental health issues. The goal of this presentation was to bring forward the voices of those who have lived with and are still living with mental illness and discuss the best ways to fight stigma associated with mental illnesses. The members of the panel educated the audience on stigma, discussed how to fight stigma, and also shared how to provide support for those with a mental illness. I thought that this presentation was very eye opening. At first, I was nervous to hear what the people on the panel had to say. I didn’t want to hear their stories because I was afraid it would upset me too much. However, I learned a lot from their presentations and found myself captivated and wrapped up in their stories as they talked. Sharon Murphy, Ph.D. said that she had the opportunity to watch the presentation from a different view this year, on the panel. She said that as each speaker was talking, she could see that each one of us was very interested and focused on what they had to say (Moundras, Andre, Monk, Friedman & Murphy, 2015). Nobody was staring off into space, nobody was playing on their phone, and nobody broke eye contact with the presenter; not once. This presentation confirmed my beliefs on stigma related to mental health. I have always thought that people looked down upon those with a mental illness and I learned a lot about that during this presentation. In lecture, we discussed different ways that we

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