Mental Health Issues Of The United States

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Mental Health Issues Mental health issues, a shadowed problem in the U.S, has affected millions across the nation. In the United States there are many problems with its mental health service. People with mental disorders are in an inferior area with hospitals being shut down, they usually end up homeless, and sometimes they even end up in prison. Consequently, the U.S pays a large amount of money to go into holding these prisoners who could have been in mental hospitals. In addition to mental hospitals being closed, some people do not receive treatment or help towards their problems. There are many types of mental disorders, but not all of us know what they are. The first type is a mood disorder. Mood disorders are mental disturbances in one’s mood. Some of these are mania, depression and Bipolar disorder, which is a combination of both mania and depression. In mania you get extreme happiness and in depression you get extreme sadness. Furthermore, mania can cause rage and mumble of speech from being over active, and 15% of people with depression causes suicide. These can fluctuate on and off for each one. Next, there are anxiety disorders which cause excessive and unreasonable fear and anxiousness. Types of anxiety disorders include panic disorders which give you panic attacks and OCD, also known as Obsessive-compulsive disorder, which gives you illogical thoughts or impulses. Then there is generalized anxiety which causes constant fear without obvious knowledge of the
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