Mental Health Issues Of The United States

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Mental health issues, a shadowed problem in the U.S, has affected millions across the nation. In the United States, there are many problems with its mental health service. People with mental disorders are in an inferior area with hospitals being shut down, they usually end up homeless, and sometimes they even end up in prison. Consequently, the U.S pays a large amount of money to go into holding these prisoners who could have been in mental hospitals. In addition to mental hospitals being closed, some people do not receive treatment or help towards their problems.
There are many types of mental disorders, but not all of us know what they are. The first type is a mood disorder. Mood disorders are mental disturbances in one’s mood. Some of
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All of these can contribute to people not going to their jobs because of fear. Finally the most extreme mental illness, schizophrenia. This mental disorder can cause effects on thoughts, emotion, perception and behavior. Sometimes people with schizophrenia hear voices even though no one could be around, moreover they can have hallucinations and feel irrational persecution. Sometimes the voices tell them to do something they normally wouldn’t do.
Mental hospitals don’t have a kind history with many cases of abuse and shutdowns in the U.S. Ever since the 1970’s, mental hospitals have been shutting down due to Ronald Reagan, “Under President Ronald Reagan, the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act repeals Carter’s community health legislation…” and “Federal mental-health spending decreases by 30 percent,” were stated by Mother Jones. This shows that the main reason our mental health has problems today was mainly from what Reagan did in the 70’s. What’s more is that many cases of abuse in mental facilities, a study done by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s investigative series posted by NAMI, showed that, “...115 out of 364 consumer (patient) deaths over 5 years should be considered ‘suspicious,’” and that, “The newspaper found cases in which: Consumers die from, lack of emergency treatment or proper medical care, Consumers die under physical restraints, Consumers die from suicide, Consumers die choking on food, vomit or foreign objects, or by
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