Mental Health Literature Review

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Mental Ill and Workplace Lack of Diversity Literature Review

Being employed is a life experience which everyone wishes they could experience. Being employed allows an individual prospect of belonging, gratitude and allows them to build their self worth. People who have low self esteem believe that they are less fortunate in obtain employment then others. There are many obstacles that the mentally ill experience when trying to again employment. After conducting this research I have located sources that will reflect on the mentally ill. There were several issues that affect the mentally ill from gain employment such as education, support system, employer’s lack of knowledge of this population, discrimination, stigma, stress
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Wikipedia (2012) defines job as a regular activity performed in exchange for payment. A person usually begins a job by becoming an employee, volunteering, or starting a business. Employment improves self-esteem, satisfaction with finances, and has been associated with reduction of hospitalization rates and psychiatric symptoms (Johannesen, McGrew, Griss, & Born, 2007). “Research suggests that work improves self-esteem and well-being” (Gannon & Gregory, 2007). The mentally ill utilize work as belonging to something and a step to return to society without being stereotype.
History has shown that the mental ill and employment has not been a major focus. In society we view the mental ill as the led fortunate and society expectation is that they would not work. Sociostructural barriers and disincentives have also made it difficult for people with a mental disorder to get in and stay in the competitive workforce (Marrone JF, Follwy S, Selleck V., 2005). Individual with a mental illness has right to do anything that an average individual does in the workplace or in their personal life. In order for them to do this they would need a support system which would include job coach, counseling, therapy and housing. World Health Organization (2012) states, governments need to dedicate more of their health budget to mental health. In addition the mental health
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